Sculptures In My Geekosphere

Ms. Paperclip Keyring Twist-tie Butterfly

Fairly descriptive I suppose. A bit of twisting here, a bit of pinching there and a long black twist-tie for antennae. Ms. Butterfly sits perched in perpetuity in a slot of my desklamp.

Tape Dispenser Anteaters in Love

What can I say? From the side these 3M tape dispensers look just like anteaters, missing only a long ant-lickin' tongue that's conveniently provided by a zip tie. Whether the submissive one is choosing to carry on eating, or expressing ecstasy will have to remain the viewer's guess.

Friendly Giant and Lil Buddy

Nothing brings a smile to my face like an unlikely pairing of friends. These two look out over my office from atop a Dell PC mesa. Friendly Giant is a waving piece of metal origami, folded into life from the insert in a Polaroid instant film cartridge. Lil Buddy has a gold-toothed RJ-14 phone plug for a head, sitting atop a body fashioned from an orange plastic thingie that came with a laser toner cartridge kit.

Reclining Nude Playing Harmonica

Well, she's sorta laying back at an angle, looks nude to me, and appears to be playing a harmonica. This stacked musical cutiepie is constructed (or deconstucted as the case may be) from two Polaroid instant film cartridge inserts, a couple of diskette hubs, and a folded-out diskette slider whatchamacallit.

It's anyone's guess what she's playing, but harmonicas are usually associated with the blues, and blues aren't generally about happy memories. Poor thing.

Slot Plug Flaterpillars in Love

What could be more natural than this? Shortly after being liberated from my old Mac IIfx, these two leggy romantics fell hard for one another and have been locked in an unchanging tantric embrace for over a decade. Love conquers all they say.

Toothy Bugtoid

Better not go near my old 128k Mac without this little feller's permission! He's pretty friendly though, I think. Toothy's a four-legged letterholder from a local office supply store with zip tie antennae, Altoids™ for eyes, and a rather nasty little mouth made from the cap retainer ring of a plastic mineral water bottle.